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Digital Marketing Planning

In addition to maintaining and managing the online presence of your website, a business should create an inbound digital marketing plan in order to direct potential customers to its website.  It doesn’t matter how great your website design is if no one can find it. Make no mistake, those companies that organically end up on the first page of searches don’t get there arbitrarily. The have arrived there by becoming an authority in their industry through website optimization, keyword research, content creation and social media. Every business’ goal should be to gain the trust and hopefully converting site visitors into loyal customers.

At Advertising is Simple, we understand all the nuances of digital marketing and can help small to mid-sized businesses grow their internet presence through a variety of tried and true methods. Many SEO consultants make big promises that end up bringing empty results. Search engines create and update algorithms on a regular basis in order to give users the most qualified and relevant results. AIS consistently monitors and adapts to the current marketing climate and help our clients to maintain and stay on the good side of search engines.